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by York Editor, January 16, 2015

For a long time we plan, organize, dream and aspire to create an environment that feels personal and unique. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t salivate over the things I could do to our loft – and with all the inspiration available to us through Pinterest, Houzz, Magazines, Google and Instagram, the options can seem endless [and at times, yes…even a little overwhelming].

And dreaming is great! It is where our imagination is in its happy place and where there are no limitations! The real shame is when our ideas don’t go past our imagination and into ideation, when it remains a dream never to be enjoyed or cherished by you or your loved ones.

And yes, we get busy, life happens and our home goes down on the list of priorities. You are not alone, I understand completely!


More than anything else, I am driven to match a person’s space to their unique lifestyle and habits, so just maybe I can motivate you to make that small step from imagining your dream space to having it. No, I’m not suggesting you leap into completion just yet, there is a design process to be had if you want to design it well the first time around, and a few steps in this direction may just be the boost you need to motivate your intentions.


YORK Interior 2

Photo credit: kmlz / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

1. Pen to Paper

Vision doesn’t hold weight if it’s not in plain sight. Set out a list of priorities according to the rooms you would like transformed.

Take note; What about these rooms have nothing to do with who you are? Be specific, not only will this help bring clarity to your thoughts, but when it is time to hire a designer or builder, you have answers at the ready and it will make the pricing process clear and concise.


NB: A good designer will ask the questions you never thought of or even those that may seem completely irrelevant to your specific plans, and here in lies the edge. Obvious questions are for you to make clear; it is those you wouldn’t think to ask that your designer should draw out of you.


Now that you have a vision, it’s list time. I for one hate lists, my brain see’s a list and automatically glazes over,
If you can relate, there’s an great app called the priority matrix – perfect for us non-lineal thinkers!

Your list  should prioritize the steps you need to give your vision legs. If you are unsure where to begin, visit our pre-design, design and post-design YORK Interior processes to get you on track [coming soon].

2. Fund your dream.

Do your funds match up with your vision? Make sure to avoid common misconceptions by checking out YORK Interiors general pricing guide on all things design [also, coming soon]

YORK Interior 3

Photo credit: / Foter / CC BY

3. Research

If I were to share some of the disaster stories I’ve heard from our YORK Interior clients about past projects go wrong, I’d certainly frighten a few people, and all because the right questions weren’t asked at the very beginning, before the contract was signed and the commitment was made.

Knowledge is power, and designing and renovating or building is a process with many professions and trades involved, so you must must must make sure the builders and tradespeople, suppliers and reps are switched on and are the right people for your specific job.


So let’s take it one step further and start taking these ideas further than your imagination.Your home is waiting to feel as if you own her, not the developer or previous owner whose memories still take ownership over your home.

Let us here at YORK interior help if we can, but all the same, why not this year take the next step and make your ideas more concrete by starting the York Interior Process

Lauren Kato, Design Director at YORK interior.

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