The Designer Is One Important Part Of The More Important Whole

by York Editor, January 19, 2016

There is a perception out there us designers can get a little precious when our creative juices are flowing… Well as one of these said designers let me shed some light and say how completely and utterly…

TRUE that is [cue gasp]

Hey, I am the first to put up both hands and say ‘guilty’ to getting lost and consumed in the creative headspace that I forget to look up from the drawing board and see how it relates to exactly what my client wants to achieve from the project. Look, It’s just an innate part of the creative personality and where some truly inspired designs can evolve from [frankly, I’d be a little hesitant if I met a designer without at least a hint of these ‘precious’ traits] … but lets real talk for a moment and admit that ultimately this isn’t what the project needs it isn’t what the client wants.


When a designer is so involved in a certain part of a project and become completely entrenched in that piece of the pie, they will lose perspective, forgetting that their piece is one important part of the more important whole.


Although integral to the overall success of a project, As Interior Designers and Landscape Architects, we at York must always look at our component of the project as an integration of all the other cogs it takes to make the design machine work at its optimal capacity. What about the architects, the engineers, the specialists, the builders … not to mention the pressures facing client budgets, timeframes, expectations and fees being poured into the project!


We need to look up from the drawing board and keep ourselves aligned with our clients vision, our clients expectations and our clients intention for the project. Although not always the natural response for the creative mind… without some perspective, we are not only sabotaging the client, but putting a massive injustice on the success of the project and it’s legacy.
The very reason why that the Y in our name York is the hero of our brand is because The ‘Y’ reminds us every day that ‘You’, the client, are at the heart of everything we do.


The importance of keeping the vision clear reminds me of a project we are currenTly designing and managing the Interiors and Landscape component of – A new world class retirement development.


What an incredible journey it has been to discover with our client – Bee Seng Ng of Silverfox International Pty. Ltd.


Together, in complete collaboration with His overall vision to create a state of the art, universal and inclusive resort style retirement community, geared solely at promoting, healthy lifestyle and sustainable living, we make sure that every inch of this project is designed in a way that proclaims this as the place where every resident truly lives the best years of life. The old saying ‘It Get’s Better With Age’ is the mantra and purpose behind everything we design and we can’t wait to show you the results.


Ultimately, no matter how important design is to us on a personal and expressive capacity, as designers, we mustn’t lose sight of the overall vision behind it. Design can be incredible when a clear vision is set and chased after at every step of the project’s journey.

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