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by York Editor, January 13, 2015



“As a designer, my aim is to listen, observe, understand, sympathise, empathise, and glean insights to create connections that achieve the very best design outcomes.”

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Lauren, a designer who tends to see things differently and the founder of interior design agency, We Are York.

I have developed York from the ground up by extracting client wants & needs and transforming these to craft dynamic, balanced and client-focused spaces. This, alongside a wealth of experience in creating with faster, simpler methods, provides our clients with exciting, stress-free and satisfying design journeys.


Cited as being authentic, flexible and centered in client focused outcomes, we are thrilled to quickly becoming a trusted name in the industry. Here’s what some have said:

“York were extremely thorough in working with the team to identify our exact needs and interpreted these needs to create a dynamic and functional design solution.” – Ben Curtin – Director


Our focus

Residential Design:

Our forward-thinking designers actively seek out only the most current, desirable and timeless trends with an in-depth understanding of market appeal. We create homes that will buy well, sell well, and sell fast.

Commercial Design:

Bridging the gap between great design and viable, client-led outcomes, we are driven to leave a lasting imprint for all involved stakeholders to deliver excellent results to every project.

Retail Design:

Our designers have refined their knowledge over the years to create spaces that are well designed and delivered promptly.


thanks again for stopping by, if you’d like to touch base, we’d love to chat


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