Lessons learnt from design icon Carla Zampatti

by York Editor, September 21, 2016

Yesterday we had the pleasure of being part of an inspiring luncheon with none other than style icon and business powerhouse Carla Zampatti, speaking on her journey to the success that she now is (with no intention of slowing down mind you).

Sponsored by ICCI (Italian Chamber Of Commerce and Industry) and housed at the ever suitable Gambaros, we received such insights not only into Carla’s personal journey to success, but key pearls of wisdom that we will indeed steal for York – Just to name a few key takeaways;

First – Embrace support; 

If only we could do it all on our own without having to ask or even to be offered help.

The reality for Carla is, if she didn’t receive the support of her cousin at a very hard time in business and in life, we may never have seen her talents come to pass – At an integral moment she took a helping hand, and in turn, absolutely blew everybody’s expectations of her creativity and business acumen out of the water.

embrace help when it is offered and every ask for it. As the saying goes… if you don’t ask you won’t get.

Secondly – If we aren’t changing, we aren’t creating

Another gem we took away is that as designers, if we aren’t changing, we aren’t creating. Is anything original anymore? well, maybe maybe not, but if your designs aren’t changing, not only with the times and trends, but within your own personal portfolio of works, then you are stale and will be left behind. Even if you draw from your previous collections or work, make sure they are always evolved.

Remember, you are only as good as your last project.

And thirdly, Business vs. Designer – a compromise may be required…

This is one that as designers in business, will always be a wrestle – but put so pointedly by Carla, she knows what will sell and she knows what her clients love, and therefore ALWAYS designs with that in the forefront of her mind.

There is no point designing something that we as designers love exclusive of the market if you expect it to sell – so do both, and do both well.

So there you go, a few gems from the icon herself. A special thank you to Aventree’s directors Vittorio & Emma Cunningham for inviting us at their table, it was an absolutely memorable occasion and one will have lasting impact on the business of York.

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